Customer Panel

For business and individuals

For business and individuals

For Accounts Big And Small

For single individuals or international enterprises, Moonable offers instant, easy onboarding through desktop connection or our free phone app.


Intuitive Dashboard

Simple, insightful, and fast. All the security of conventional banking with the smoothness and modern flexibility of digital technology.

Send Section

IBAN Validation

We employ strict encryption and security protocols integrated with IBAN validation API to keep your assets secure.

Batch Payments

Batch Payment Flexibility

Send up to 50,000 payments in an instant, complete with history saves so you can send repeat payments without having to re-upload a new .csv file.

Contact Book

Contact Book

Save your transaction history for easy repeat payments. Send new payments to both singular or batch recipients in seconds.

Multi Session Login

One Login For All Your Accounts

Use a single login credential for all of your business and personal accounts and switch between them with a single click.


Automatic Statements

Specialized statements are compiled for you automatically every month, available in .pdf, .csv and .xls formats. You can also filter transactions and generate reports in just a few clicks.

Phone Verification

WhatsApp Verification

As an alternative to SMS verification, users can also use their WhatsApp phone numbers for secure login.

User Roles

Vary Security Clearance By User

Give new users different levels of access depending on their needs: from read-only access to manager-level operations.

Fintech Letter

Fintech Certification

Every user can generate a certified letter with their full account details so you can quickly and easily meet the requirements of other financial institutions.


Notification Bell

The notification bell displays the most recent transactions or notifications posted to your account.

Login Activity

Login Activity

Your users will be able to control the sessions started and they will even be able to delete a session that is open, allowing to unlink any suspicious access that they do not recognize.

Referral Program

Create Your Own Referrals

Launch your own referral program based on a flat fee or percentage of your choice.

iOS Android

iOS & Android versions

Your customers can have access 24/7 to all your services through the easy to use app. Your customers can also enjoy about 20 different kind of notifications through the app in real time

In Chat App

Live Chat Support

Access our friendly and helpful customer support directly through the app, on demand 24/7.

Meet Your Admin Panel


The first screen you see is also the most useful. Up-to-the-minute metrics greet you right off the bat, illuminating your financial standing and numbers.

Customer Section

Here, every registered user can be viewed by an admin, from individual users to business level accounts. Access customer profiles, edit info, check documents, view balances, add notes, and more.


View and manage the transactions made by customers across all domains, including External In Transfer, External Out Transfer and Internal Transfers.

User Roles

Give individuals backend access tags to better organize your team. Grant them titles like Admin, Operator, Customer Support, Accounting, Compliance, External Auditor, and more.

Customizable, Robust Security

Set up security triggers that notify users based on actions you define, helping customers stay alert and safe.


AML Monitoring Panel

& Customer Risk Assessment Systems

Generate customer risk profiles based on our proprietary AML Monitoring System and Customer Profiling Risk Assessment System.

A BaaS Platform That Fits Your Needs

Procure best-in-class, custom-fit tech without the massive development cost, saving you a fortune (and years of time in the process).

Custom Mobile Applications
for a Dynamic World

It takes more than a fancy website to attract and retain customers. Today’s audiences expect functionality, speed and security – and we can help you give it to them.

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About Us

  • Our Philosophy
  • Technology is the backbone of the financial sector – but the more complex solution you’re seeking, the more prohibitively expensive it gets. Hiring and managing an IT team and developers, hashing out goals and benchmarks, creating a roadmap… these things get insanely costly fast.


    But there’s a better way.


    Today, cryptocurrency is allowing consumers, banks and institutions alike to do what’s never been done before. Technology has opened new doors when it comes to creating affordable yet robust banking solutions, and we’re here to turn the knob.


    At Moonable, we’re passionate about creating solutions that save you invaluable time and resources that would otherwise be unnecessarily invested on developing your own tech stack and bank infrastructure from scratch.


    Now available at virtually every corner of the globe, we welcome you to take advantage of the simplified, powerful tools available now – and perhaps best of all, they are yours for an investment that is starkly affordable in comparison to the greater marketplace.

  • Our Team
  • Our global team of 50+ employees has firsthand, personal passion when it comes to the disrupting banking industry. Many of us are no strangers to regions where instability and an erosion of public trust has greatly damaged the average citizen’s perception of what banking is and should be – and we cultivated a vision to fix it.


    That vision includes the creation of a fintech framework capable of transforming not just your organization for the better, but the state of an entire economy.


    It’s a vision of versatility, resilience, dependability, and most of all, trust.


    We come from all over the world, but our mission is aligned: to give customers and clients the resources and support they need to use blockchain tech like they never have before, solving and simplified deep-rooted banking issues with cutting-edge tech and unrivaled care.

  • Where we are located
  • Our head office is in Tallinn, Estonia: the most digital-friendly nation in the world. It’s here that we feel most at home creating and exporting novel technology, and the culture here is the perfect fit for our dreams for the future.

A World With Infinitely Versatile Banking Applications Is Closer Than You Think

The future lies in the palm of your hand. Download Moonable now:

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